Saturday, April 09, 2005

DTD finding of the day

In the DTD when you put your attribute datatypes they have to be capitalized obv because the
datatypes are defined that way.

So I was trying to put "id" instead of "ID" so do keep this in mind XMLSpy throws wierd error for this.

From the specificaton
NMTOKEN type can contain only letters, digits and point [ . ] , hyphen [ - ], underline [ _ ] and colon [ : ] . NMTOKENS can contain the same characters as NMTOKEN plus whitespaces. White space consists of one or more space characters, carriage returns, line feeds, or tabs.

More findings

When you want to specify values to
(data | active | updated) #REQUIRED
note that the the datatype is not required out here



Harini said...

Interesting....... how come you never seem to write about anythign other than study stuff.

kalyan said...

This is thought was more of my study kinda blog then i realise what have i done at the end of day types :) , but let's see will start writing more stuff too

kiran kumar Chava said...

just came from harini blog