Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Meeting with a Prof

Well actually apart from the career fair thing it was an interesting day after we discussed some things with Prof Srivastava . I think i like this guys ides he sticks to simple ideas of Codd relational model , lossy and lossless decomposition.

I was always under the impression that OLAP was not data mining and that is what you would read it too when you read the commandments of Data mining that "OLAP is not data mining".

Now a days people are talking about multi relational mining, because till now most of the multirelational mining has focussed on getting data from one single table.

This entire things motivates us to learn about some interesting things that how about mining in Data warehouses, why to have multirelational mining as such why can i not have single table
mining over set of tables because i can represent data in one table although i will have data duplication . ( On some food for thought is it not the case that my frequent itemsets would change because of that , if i do a join and will have redundant data )

But it is a nice digression and something which should be given some food for thought.


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