Thursday, April 28, 2005

XML parsers

XML Parsers from Apache

1. Until Java 1.4 Crimson ( It has no schema support) - From Apache
2. In java 1.5 Xerces ( Had schema support) - From Apache

Xalan is the XSLT transformer from Apache.

XSL1.0 had no schema support.
XSL2.0 had the schema support.

The DOM and SAX are two programming paradigms for processing XML documents, the DOM is based on the paradigm of creating a tree , consists of node, element attribute classes. Where as SAX is based n the event based model, wherein while parsing when an elements is reached startelement method of the default handler is called, similarly for startdocument, end document and endelements the events are caught by the default handler.

The assignment that we did tried to get good mix of both of them by using the DOM model to create the tree using SAX events.


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