Monday, September 26, 2005

Mantis Bug Tracking System

So I installed the Bug tracking system,

Mantis and this seems pretty interesting bugtracking system with minimal overheads of installation so that is what I thought.

Some of the issues that I ran into
1. Bug database installed into other system ( so I had to add this user to the database giving this user access to this database , like
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON .* TO 'monty'@'machinename'

2. PHP captcha problem , so had to comment that part of code,
tried playing around with the captcha code but seems to fail on all occassions.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Interfaces in C#

I wrote this small template in C# for using interfaces

interface Itest
void show();

class cl:Itest
void show()



Throws an error saying that the show must be either public, static. Trying to find out what is the default scope of the members in C#.

Assemblies decide the scope of the class not namespace, sounds funny as to why anyone would do that as to decide the scope based on the assembly and not on the namespace.

Investigating further

Friday, September 09, 2005

logarithm function definition

y = bx
logb(y) = x

from putplemath

Big Oh notation

Sometimes, it is very necessary to compare the order of some common used functions including the following:

1 logn n nlogn n2 2n n! nn

Now, we can use what we've learned above about the concept of big-Oh and the calculation methods to calculate the order of these functions. The result shows that each function in the above list is big-oh of the functions following them. The figure below displays the graphs of these funcions, using a scale for the values of the functions that doubles for each successive marking on the graph.