Wednesday, April 20, 2005

What is up with Maths and Computer Scientists

So even though i might sound technical i make a genuine effort to be non technical :) as my friend Harini wants some posts to be non-technical.

Well I thought after a long time i had this pending paper that i needed to finish it , so made a genuine effort today to finish that. All was well and I was getting a hang of it till I hit upon themathematics, tha gaussian I though i had a gneral idea because it is easier to take derivatives, needs only two parameters, mean and variance to establish the bell curve.

Just when i thot I was getting a hang of it, it hit upon mulitvariate gaussians what on earth is that,
and some properties of gaussian,

addition of gaussain is a gaussain,
average is a gaussain

To add to that there is so much Math in the paper that i got frustrated and now i understand nothing in the paper :(

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Harini said...

Cool going Kalyan, this was an intersting post and i did understand what i was reading for once :)

Good luck with the paper !!!