Thursday, April 07, 2005

Mbox and JAXB

Well what i learnt today,

the mbox normally has all the mails in a file , so all mails in one file and the first line of mbox needs to start with "From" line. Usually when we have lots of mail clients open at one time the mbox usually gets corrupted and adds some lines as part of the header.

To solve the problem, just remove the lines that got appended manually and then you are all set.
Isn't it interesting :).

Today had this presentation on JAXB , pretty good though I thought learnt a bit more about it.
JAXB is the binding part of an XML to the classes why do you need that or why ot motivate is
more of JDBC , ODBC after one level i dun want to know about the XML so rather play with the
program rather than XML as such.

I dun understand why is it powerful than SAXON parsers , DOM i think loads the entire thing into memory but JAXB can act on parts of the document.

It uses the factory patern did not understand too much of that , but need to go through the
typical example of it , of getting the context and using formatted output etc.

More on this later.


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