Thursday, March 24, 2005


Had this nice presentation in the class about the XMLHTTPRequest, this thing sounds cool and had a goodd debate in the class.

Some of the good points about it
i) When i submit in a form the data is sent to the server and returned on the same page , rather than submitting the command and executing the code.
ii) Normally uses javascript
iii) Gmail , suggest of google , ta-da list etc uses this technology.

A good debate on why XMLHttpRequest should be used , and there was a good conclusion is that we needed structure, this might well be attained by putting { } and get strucutre, i.e if i require structure in C i would use struct and i require structure on web i use XML , but XML is not the only method, bytestrams seems the other but they are not standardized, parentheses coudl be uses( apple properties scripts when in methods could be put into that this is not possible from XML of putting methods inside it.

So why use it is more of convenience.

RSS is another important thing that came out of this talk, this is used in newsfeeds the data has date times , links and stardardixed for that , i would not rather require it in the chat environment.

Learnt a bit of XPATH ( how does it act as a devil in comaprison) to be seen


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