Friday, March 11, 2005

Squeak and XML

Today I tried to get my hands dirty on Squeak , never heard about it but because of a profesor reuqest to install , so Squeak is a small talk implementation. Never knew something about it till I heard about it. Have to see about its installation and see what it is all about.

And then trying my hands on XML , now the million dollar question that occurs is "what should be the element and what should be the attribute", and upon reading some articles it seems like the whatever that you want to show on the page should be an element and the rest should be an attribute , some people claim that element should be the information used to preserve the structure while the attributes are the one which are used for metadata information.

I know of some classes in .NET like XMLReader and XMLWriter that could be used for the assignment that I am doing but this has to be done in java without any classes.

Apart from all this India is on the verge of a victory against pakistan which keeps me happy today :)

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