Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Oracle Accounts

How do you check whether an account exist in database for a paritucalr user?

In oracle as we are aware there are system tables which give us the information. Oracle internally converts a lot of things captialized, so dba_users is the table to view. How do you check with the query

1. select username from dba_users where username = '';

If this shows an entry that means the user exists in the database.

Some more interesting views for user management are :

i) dba_ts_quotas ( for viewing tablespace quotas )
ii) dba_blockers
iii) dba_waiters

( Will update this more as I find out about them)

Ok so today i get some time to update this site some more tables that might interest DBA in Oracle 9i are

i) dba_role_privs
iii) dba_data_files
iv) dba_tablespaces

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