Monday, March 14, 2005

XML, Sensor Networks

So I finished my XML assignment, got XMLSpy to verify the wellformedness of the document. Other than that it looked a decent assignment, actually the second one was good with respect to some recursion and for loops it involved the output of ls -laR to be shown in an XML format. So i was able to do it, with most of the metadata information shown as attributed and the rest whatever i wanted to show on page as element. I need to write the ReadMe for it and install rxp to test it again and i am rather too bored to do anything now.

When i get bored i ususally change the topic so that something might interest me, so here I choose sensor networks, the last time we discussed the routing algorithms in sensor networks. That was an interesting discussion, we discussed all kinds of things
i) should there be acknowlwdgment in sensor networks?
ii) should i always broadcast ?
iii) should it have all the concepts of header and all as with TCP/IP?
( Hmm need to check notes as to discuss what all we discussed and again my lethargy wins overr me and i am in no mood ot get my notes to write that)

Sending message to the bast station is called UPSTREAM and sending message from the base station down to the sensor nodes is called down stream.

So we finally came to the conclusion that the sensor networks use broadcasting with similar to the concept of OS a mutex wherein the Base station initiates the transmission by braodcasting and nodes which are in the vicinity of th base station gets the message . Every node in the sensor network has a route table which it needs to fill so that it can send packets accordingly.

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