Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Request Tracker Installation

Have been trying to get the request tracker installation on solaris, have got it installed on one machine and getting to shift it on another machine I am facing some serious problems.

Need to get this out of my head soon, because high time I need to finish it.
It is just not request tracker but the RTFM (it is not Read The Fascinating (;)) manuals ) but Request Tracker FAQ Manager

The final steps for installing RT which are very important are
h3. error could be resolved by modifying the file in /lib/

and adding line of socket=> 'inet' in the last occurence of stderr.

4. Installing RTFM requires modofuing the makefile path of RTFM to point to the current instance of RT and the path of mysql needs to be therre on the shell.

Some packages needs to be installed from CPAN for RTFM.


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