Friday, June 24, 2005

Installing plugins for firefox and Acrobat Reader 7

1. Installing firefox involves dowloading the build and executing it :) , does it not get simpler than that
Well ofcourse you can get your hands dirty by building it from source.

2. How do I install plugins:

A smart trick to do that : about:plugins (shows which all plugins are installed for firefox)

And the firefox install has a plugins directory,

1. For installing macromedia, copy the flashplayer.xpt and into the plugins directory of firefox.

2. For java we can make a symbolic link.
ln -s

Installing Acrobat Reader 7 on solaris, it conflicts with the LD_LIBRARY_PATH .
A GOOD PHILOPSHY of running a program is provide a script and let the user modify the script , in acroread , is a script and in the script i unset the LD_LIBRARY_PATH ( so that is pretty fascinating)


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