Saturday, May 14, 2005

XML Exam Fever Contd...

Checking the Document for Well Formedness

Some of the characteristics:

1. A document mus have one root element.
2. Elements must not overlap.
3. Attributes must be quoted.
4. Cannot have two attributes with the same name
5. The data of < and and signal need to be escaped.
6. Every start tag must have a matching end tag/
7. Comments and processing instructin may not appear inside tags

I like to end the chapter in punch line so here is the punch line for the chapter

XML names can have numbers of alphabets, the following special characters are the only special characters allowed
i) underscore (_)
ii) Hyphen (-)
iii) fullstop .

Element names cannot start with the following
Hyphen, . , number and they cannot have any other special characters other than those mentioned.

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