Saturday, December 27, 2008

StrousStroup Container Design : Review

Notes from Container Design Chapter in StrousStroup

- What is a container?
A Container is an object that holds other objects

- What is an iterator?
Iterator is a means of traversing objects in the container (Used to navigate containers)

- Important member of a Container for iterator
iterator begin() //points to the first element
const_iterator begin() const

iterator end() //points to one-past-last element
const_iterator end() const

reverse_iterator rbegin()
const_reverse_iterator ebegin() const;

reverse_iterator end()
const_reverse_iterator rend() const;

- Element access in a vector

reference operator[] (size_type n); //unchecked access

reference at (size_type n); //checked access

- Passing vectors

f1(vector &)
f2(const vector &)

vector v(1000);
f1(v) //pass reference

- reserve in vector allocates space in advance

- capacity() gives the current numbers of reserved memory slots

- size() gives the current number of elements

- Pointer cannot address a unit of memory smaller than a byte

- Link
Vector Code

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