Tuesday, August 09, 2005

/etc/shadow file structure


As with the passwd file, each field in the shadow file is also separated with ":" colon characters, and are as follows:

  • Username, up to 8 characters. Case-sensitive, usually all lowercase. A direct match to the username in the /etc/passwd file.

  • Password, 13 character encrypted. A blank entry (eg. ::) indicates a password is not required to log in (usually a bad idea), and a ``*'' entry (eg. :*:) indicates the account has been disabled.

  • The number of days (since January 1, 1970) since the password was last changed.

  • The number of days before password may be changed (0 indicates it may be changed at any time)

  • The number of days after which password must be changed (99999 indicates user can keep his or her password unchanged for many, many years)

  • The number of days to warn user of an expiring password (7 for a full week)

  • The number of days after password expires that account is disabled

  • The number of days since January 1, 1970 that an account has been disabled

  • A reserved field for possible future use

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